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Need to record the temperature of a critical environment? Try the PharmaWatch™ Solution with a free account! Read the temperature from one environment and manually post it to the PharmaWatch™ cloud storage once-a-day, twice-a-day, or as often as every 5 minutes from your mobile device for free. PharmaWatch™ will keep the data for you for up to 3 months and provide audit-able text-based and graphical reports of the temperature, when it was recorded, and by whom. View, print or download these reports from the PharmaWatch™ Portal anytime you wish.
Already using the PharmaWatch™ Solution?
Access your full account on the PharmaWatch™ Portal anywhere, anytime. Quickly and easily see the temperature, humidity, and/or differential pressure conditions of your critical environments or valuable inventories including refrigerators, freezers, rooms, incubators, stability chambers, operating rooms and more. Handle User Check-In with one click from your phone or tablet, and respond to Alerts from the convenience of your mobile device.
At-A-Glance Dashboard
• Monitored Environments clearly shown by Location and Zone• See the last temperature, humidity, differential pressure reading etc. • Includes the time of the last reading• Simple text indicates Alert Status
Convenient Check-In Functionality
• Easily ‘Check-In’ using the App and record who checked the readings and when• Meets CDC and many State requirements for logging temperature• Schedule reminders on your phone to signal that Check-In is due• Automates data collection needed for FDA, CDC, and state regulatory compliance
Readings in Graphical Form
• Scroll through the values stored, 6 hours at a time• Data shown in 5 minute increments
Prioritized Alert List
• Quickly scroll through Actionable Alerts by Zone• Most important Alerts are shown at the top of the list • Acknowledge new Alerts to inform the system that you are aware of the problem• Reset Alerts from your device when the problem is resolved • Ensures compliance by recording who, when, and what was done
A Note About Ads
The PharmaWatch™ App includes minimal internal ads in the free version only to promote the benefits of the real-time monitoring and world-class analytics of the full PharmaWatch™ Solution. There is no advertising from external parties in the PharmaWatch™ App.